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Department of English Language & Linguistics
Ciudad Universitaria
28040 - Madrid

Talks (main author)


Metaphorical representations of Intimate Partner Violence perpetrators in online discourse
· V Foro de la Asociación de Lingüística del Discurso, 31 May-1 June 2018
· Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Intimate Partner Violence survivors' digital discourses: explorations from a sentiment analysis perspective
· X International Conference on Corpus Linguistics, 9-11 May 2018
· Universidad de Extremadura, Spain


Investigating discourse in online environments: opportunities, challenges and controversies
· "VI International Conference on Innovation in Philology and Communication Studies (upon invitation), 25-27 October 2017
· Universidad de Valencia, Spain

Critical Discourse Analysis and social inqualities: Intimate Partner Violence
· Seminar at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Summer School “Doing Research with Discourse Analysis” (upon invitation), Coor. Dr. Bertie Kaal, 10-13 July 2017
· Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘Oops! That’s not the one’: old speakers, new practices
· Sociolinguistics Summer School 8, 4-7 July 2017
· Universidad de Barcelona

'Walking on eggshells, treated like crap, getting nothing out of the relationship': metaphorical accounts of Intimate Partner Violence in online discourse
· Research meeting (upon invitation), Metaphor Lab Amsterdam, 9 May 2017
· University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


How can corpus linguistics contribute to research on Intimate Partner Violence?
· TWIST XI Graduate Student Conference in Linguistics,  21-21 April 2017
· Leiden University, The Netherlands



Corpus-driven insights into the discourse of women survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
· V Conference on Innovation in Philology and Communication Studies,  14-16 December 2016
· Universidad de Valencia, Spain

‘It seems I passed it!!!!’: analysing cyberemotion in professional students’ digital discourses
· International Conference on Language and Emotion,  23-25 November 2016
· Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Standing at the PhD crossroads: embracing challenges, avoiding pitfalls 
Welcome session to new PhD students,  15 November 2016
· Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain 
· Slides available here. 

Towards a better understanding of Intimate Partner Violence: A Critical Discourse Analysis Approach 
 XII International Conference on General Linguistics (CILG), 23-25 May 2016
· Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain 


Stay strong, everyone is here for you': discursive strategies for digital rapport among IPV survivors in online environments
· Round table ("Disembodied gender in computer-mediated-communication: multifaceted insights into Facebook, online forums and blogs", together with Dra. Carmen Máiz-Arévalo (UCM) & Antonio García-Gómez (UAH)
 XXXIV AESLA International Conference (AESLA), 14-16 April 2016
· Universidad de Alicante, Spain 



I keep remembering things he did from the past :(‘. Men perpetrators as social actors in women’s digital reported experiences with intimate partner violence
1st International Conference: Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis (ADDA 1), 18-20 November 2015 
· Universidad de Valencia, Spain 

¿Cualitativo versus cuantitativo?': métodos mixtos en el análisis crítico-discursivo de experiencias en torno a la violencia de género
Primeras Jornadas de Investigadorxs Feministxs, 12-13 November 2015 
· Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain 

"Partner? Baby's dad?”: discursive representations of male perpetratros in women's reported experiences with intimate partner violence
· 1st International UCM Predoctoral Conference on English Linguistics (UPCEL), 17-18 September 2015
· Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain 

"Warning: this is a live public forum”: ethical issues underlying research methods on digital discourse of domestic violence
· 2nd International Symposium EDiSO, 17-19 June 2015
· Universidade Coimbra, Portugal 

"Hey there! I am using WhatsApp": a preliminary study of recurrent discursive realisations and pragmatic uses in a corpus of WhatsApp statuses (second author: Olga Cruz-Moya)
· XXXIII AESLA International Conference, April 2015  
· Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Exploring the negotiation of linguistic politeness around compromising discourse
· XXIX International Conference Young Linguists Association, September 2014
· Universidad de Murcia, Spain

"When he first hit me”: exploring social actor representation of male perpetrators in the discourse of women victims of domestic violence
· 1st International Symposium EDiSO, May 2014
· Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Research on domestic violence from a Critical Discourse Analysis perspective: problems, concerns, and suggestions
· 1st International Symposium EDiSO, May 2014
· Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

WhatsApp, textese and moral panics: discourse features and habits across two generations (second author: Olga Cruz-Moya)
· XXXII AESLA International Conference, April 2014

· Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain


"I don't understand girls!": tracing traditional gender stereotypes in a currently-used textbook

· Research in Language, Gender & Sexuality (research group), May 2013
· Lancaster University, UK

Textese and morals panics: much ado about nothing? 

· Birmingham English Language Postgraduate Conference, March 2013
· Birmingham University, UK


The construction of authoritative discourses in periods of crisis: the Orwellian voice revisited (together with: Alejandro Mendive-Esparza)

· Discourses that Matter, November 2012
· Universidade Coimbra, Portugal

Turning a Blind Eye to Linguistic Politeness: Exploring the use of Euphemism in British and Spanish University Students

· The Priorities of Contemporary Philology: Theory and Practice, February 2012
· Poltava V. G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University, Ukraine.


Nature, the end of the man and the postmodern novel: Ian McEwan as a case study

· International Conference 'Reading Nature', December 2011
· Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Persuadir sin argumentos: el poder de la palabra para el ahorro energético
· XXVI International Conference of Young Linguists (AJL), March 2011
· Universidad de Salamanca, Spain


Talks (second author)


La imagen de la mujer en los manuales de español para extranjeros: un análisis crítico multimodal
· First author: Olga Cruz-Moya
· XXXIII AESLA International Conference, April 2015
· Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Las instrucciones de los manuales de español para extranjeros y su heterogeneidad discursiva
· First author: Olga Cruz-Moya
· XXXIII AESLA International Conference, April 2014
· Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla, Spain