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Department of English Language & Linguistics
Ciudad Universitaria
28040 - Madrid

Here you find a list of my most relevant publications to date, especially those that have either an assigned DOI or ISSN. Check my Google Scholar profile to find out about the impact of some of my publications (not a big deal yet, though!)


(6) Sánchez-Moya, A. (2017). Corpus-driven insights into the discourse of women survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. Quaderns de Filologia: Estudis Lingüístics, 22. 215-243 [special issue: Words, Corpus, and Back to Words; Fuster, M. & Almela, M., (Eds.)] doi: 10.7203/qf.22.11309. Link to full text here.

(5) Maíz-Arévalo, C. & Sánchez-Moya, A. (2017). ‘I Know How You Feel’: Multifaceted Insights into the Expression of Support Strategies in Computer-Mediated-Communication. In C. Vargas-Sierra (Ed.), Professional and Academic Discourse: an Interdisciplinary Perspective (214-223). EPiC Series in Language and Linguistics. Retrieved from here. ISSN: 2398-5283.

(4) Sánchez-Moya, A. & Cruz-Moya, O. (2015). ‘Hey there! I am using WhatsApp’: a preliminary study of recurrent discursive realisations in a corpus of WhatsApp statuses. Procedia – Social & Behavioral Sciences, 12 (2), 52-60. doi:

(3) Sánchez-Moya, A. & Cruz-Moya, O. (2015). WhatsApp, textese, and moral panics: discourse features and habits across two generations. Procedia – Social & Behavioral Sciences, 173, 300-306. doi:

(2) Cruz-Moya, O. & Sánchez-Moya, A. (2015). Las instrucciones de los manuales de español para extranjeros y su heterogeneidad discursiva. Centro Virtual Cervantes. E-AESLA, 1. ISSN: 2444-197X. Link to full text here

(1) Sánchez Moya, A. (2012). Turning a Blind Eye to Linguistic Politeness: Exploring the Use of Euphemism in British and Spanish University Students. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference ‘The Priorities of Contemporary Philology: Theory and Practice’, Potlava: ABTOPȞ CTATEȞ, 2012. ISBN: 978-966-8798-64-1



(4) Sánchez-Moya, A. (2018). De la transferencia de las prácticas periodísticas tradicionales a las diferentes plataformas digitales. index.comunicación, 8. 299-302. ISSN 2444-3239 [Book review: Breeze, R. & Olza, I. (Eds.). (2017). Evaluation in media discourse. Bern: Peter Lang] 

(3) Sánchez-Moya, A. (2017). Book review: Zimman, Lal, Davis, Jenny L., Raclaw, Joshua (eds). 2014. Queer Excursions: Retheorizing Binaries in Language, Gender, and Sexuality. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press. Journal of Language & Sexuality, 6(2). 343-346. doi:   

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(1) Sánchez-Moya, A. (2017). Book review: Hanna Pishwa and Rainer Schulze (eds.) The Expression of Inequality in Interaction. Discourse & Society, 28 (1). 114-116. DOI:



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(2) Rubio-Álvarez, A. et al. (forthcoming). A predictive model for excessive intrapartum blood loss. Trans. Sánchez-Moya, Alfonso.

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